Imagine this: You are walking down the hall toward your office when that guy from procurement flags you down to ask if you could spare 15 minutes to go over some specs with him. You smile benignly and say not at the moment, because you have to keep an important appointment. Just as you step into your office your cell phone rings. Someone downstate needs to pick your brain about some territory management issues. In your most relaxed and casual manner, you ask the caller to get back with you in the morning, because you have to keep an important appointment. Then you close your door, block both your phones, turn off your email and IM, and get to work on the project that must be completed by the close of business today. The important appointment was with your project!
 This is one application of an important technique we teach in our Time Management Training classes. It is called time blocking, and it is a great way to protect your high value items from getting swallowed up by the OPN monster. OPN stands for other people’s needs, and they will always expand to consume your time if you don’t defend yourself against them. Time blocking is sheer genius; after all, everyone understands the sacredness of keeping appointments. If they know you already have an appointment, they will leave you alone, or at least ask for an alternate time. Our courses are full of great ideas that will improve your efficiency and your effectiveness, and put the OPN monster in its place. Contact us and let us tell you more.

On-site Time Management Training: can be tailored to the needs of your organization and delivered on-site at a time and location of your choice or you can attend one of our open enrollment course (s).

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Participants in our Time Management Training workshop will learn to:

  • How to devote more time to important activities every day
  • How to prevent those daily “fires” from undermining important goals
  • To identify and communicate goals that keep priorities straight
  • How to design an effective To-Do list
  • How to respond to everyday interruptions
  • The art of delegating less important tasks
  • How to consolidate Tasks & Errands
  • How to use Time Blocks to maintain effectiveness
  • How to dispose of most disruptive paper work
  • To balance professional goals and personal time
  • To use time management tools to improve efficiency
  • How to set goals and evaluate them to make sure they have real value
  • How to overcome the temptation of procrastination
  • How to say NO (in a nice way, of course)
  • Identify and arrest time bandits

Seminar: "Time and Territory Management"

“The portion of the program that I enjoyed the most was the exercises broken up into small groups. Our instructor did a fantastic job keeping the group moving and enthusiastic. She can really keep a group of sales people on task. Great!”

Kimberly Robertson
Pacific Biosystems
Operations Manager
Lacey, Washington

“I really enjoyed the sections on SMART and Doer-Talker-Thinker-Guardian. Our instructor was awesome, and all the training staff were so helpful, thanks!”

Roy Robertson
Pacific Biosystems
Lacey, Washington

Seminar: "Basics of Time Management"

“The part of the class I liked the most was the relationship of goals to tasks plus priorities for work plus personal, a no brainier but it never dawned on me! Kaylea was great got the job done but still gave us leverage to have fun.”

Violet Tueit, Channel Dev. Rep.
Everett, Washington 98203

“The group discussions on time management, and organization examples were great, excellent instructor too.”

Dawn Davies, Channel Business Manager
Wenatchee, Washington 98801