"Your presentation of the Time Management course was great! As my day passed yesterday and I interacted with colleagues, I thought about behavior styles and tried to categorize the colleagues I work closely with. This will help me in communicating with them in a manner that will most likely obtain better results. Not only does it apply to my colleagues but to some of my customers who I know well. The To Do List has stuck with me. The first thing I did yesterday morning while my emails were pulling in was to make a To Do List with the A, B, C priority ratings. I plan on moving my list to a word doc and updating every morning as well as through out the day. At home I am working on saying "no" without actually saying "no" with my 5 year old. Believe it or not, this is probably one of the most important things for my home life that I learned in the class. I think it will make me a better mother."

I really enjoyed the class. I found out that the format I was using to keep track of what had to be done was almost exactly what was discussed which made me feel good because I had not been using the format for more than 2 months and was not sure about it.

I enjoyed the small classroom setting because I felt like it was almost individualized attention.

I enjoyed the different types of positions represented and found out that time management/organization was not just a construction industry problem.

But I think the thing I felt I left with "good" tools about was the section about different personality types - what the types were - how to tell the types - how to deal with them. I have already put that information to use on myself and a few others in my office and have seen the difference in response time on things back to me.

I would say the class was great.

"This time management program was exactly what I needed to help me make some firm decisions about managing my time more effectively. I was given specific strategies and was given the chance to write specific plans to implement when I returned to work."

"Thank you for the class. We all enjoyed it a great deal, especially since there were only 5 participants. It really allowed for some personal attention. I was surprised that the Time Management course was also applied to my personal life, but it was a happy surprise. We took away a lot, and in my recap the following week to the rest of the staff at our offices, we had many interested parties who borrowed our workbooks to see for themselves."

"I thought the time management class was very beneficial. I will definitely take back ideas on how to be more productive and resourceful with my time."

"This program was exactly what I needed to help me make some firm decisions about managing my time more effectively. I was given specific strategies and was given the chance to write specific plans to implement when I returned to work."

"I was very pleased with the presentation last Wednesday. Some of the
individuals have participated in numerous time management sessions, but
they felt like they came away with new information. The real value comes to us when our sales people actually begin implementing the suggestions.

In our Management Team meeting this morning, one of our strong skeptics announce that we need to consider utilizing outside companies such as yours in future programs. He thought it was very well done and received.

Thank you for your help. The instructor did a great job!"

"I am enjoying the rewards of a successful Time Management class. I have found that I have been successful in using several of my class action plans, like using prime time to my advantage and the "free your mind" technique to reduce stress and disorder. I have noticed a greater sense of accomplishment at the end of each work day, which now ends closer to 5:00 (ok - 5:30) than before, enabling me to attend my son's baseball games. I, of course, still have a lot of room for improvement and hope to incorporate more skills (related to setting specific goals) within the next month. Thank you for the valuable learning experience. "

"The portions of the (Time and Territory Management) program that I enjoyed the most were the goals, objectives, and priorities. Our instructor was an excellent presenter and meeting facilitator. Everyone was extremely professional, personable, and engaging."

"Michael - Thoroughly enjoyed the Time Management Class and have recommended the program to my direct supervisor.

Vannessa is a very talented presenter, and was able to guide a small but diverse group of students through the material with ease. The analysis of personality types, and their effect on workload planning was especially helpful. Unfortunately, this information is not included in most of the Time Management training materials that I have reviewed in the past.

Thanks again for your assistance and follow up. I would appreciate receiving information on future Management Skill seminars from your team."

"Kishma indicated that she enjoyed the class and felt it will be helpful in completing her tasks both on time and accurately. She liked the personal attention afforded by the small class. The instructor was able to tailor the discussion to the areas that were most important to those in attendance. She also felt comfortable in discussing her personal situation in that type of environment.

Based on Kishma's comments, the instructor was able evaluate personalities quickly and provide each student with time management techniques that are more suited for their individual work style. For me, it confirmed that some of the approaches that we were using to help Kishma be more successful at work were on target.

At this point, I feel that is was money well spent! Now it is up to Kishma to apply what she learned and for me to give her that opportunity."

"Your Time Management and Outlook presentations at the Deloitte New Manager Seminar in Orlando was very good. The exercises helped me identify how I spend my time and provided the guidelines / thoughts necessary to improve on my Time Management. It's always a challenge.

Your Outlook presentation helped me as well. I've used the Task List on the Calendar but I was not prioritizing the Tasks. Since I did not categorize the tasks the most important did not percolate to the top. So as you might expect I used the Task List for future tasks that were random thoughts with no scheduled completion date. Of course that was not the best use. Thanks for shedding light on it."

"I enjoy how you incorporate people's behavioral styles within the training. I also enjoyed learning about the obstacles and hearing other people's solutions to 'making time'".

"Taking the time management course did help me to realize I have a very good handle on my time management but I need to more effectively manage others as they pass workflow on to me. I especially enjoyed the analysis of the different personal profiles and being able to understand the way in which these profiles are able to work together or not.

Overall I think the class was well taught and that our instructor really wanted to encourage 100% of class participation. I had a good time and would consider taking another course offered by your organization."

"The Instructor was energetic and clearly a subject matter expert. The diversity of the group made the topic applicable to all but all must realize improvement starts after the course and at a personal level. "