Through our time management skill based seminars participants learn how to plan their time and organize their time for their personal success. Checklists and deadlines don't have to be dirty words in your vocabulary! You're not alone in your quest to get organized. You too will learn how to delegate, limit interruptions, and eliminate those piles of clutter on your desktop, reduce your computer to do lists and get more work accomplished each day.

"Great training with real time management skills to implement immediately and see results!"
Allison Matusin, Vice President - Decatur, Illinois

"I thought the course was well worth the time."
Thomas Murphy, Strategic Purchaser - Chicago, Illinois

"The course forces critical self assessment that I found helpful for prioritizing my time."
Dallas Harty, Financial Analyst - Chicago, Illinois

On-site Time Management Training: can be tailored to the needs of your organization and delivered on-site at a time and location of your choice or you can attend one of our open enrollment course (s).

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Participants in our Time Management Training workshop will learn to:

  • How to devote more time to important activities every day
  • How to prevent those daily “fires” from undermining important goals
  • To identify and communicate goals that keep priorities straight
  • How to design an effective To-Do list
  • How to respond to everyday interruptions
  • The art of delegating less important tasks
  • How to consolidate Tasks & Errands
  • How to use Time Blocks to maintain effectiveness
  • How to dispose of most disruptive paper work
  • To balance professional goals and personal time
  • To use time management tools to improve efficiency
  • How to set goals and evaluate them to make sure they have real value
  • How to overcome the temptation of procrastination
  • How to say NO (in a nice way, of course)
  • Identify and arrest time bandits

“My favorite portion of the program was the interaction between everyone in the group including the instructor. The program that was provided was very well formatted and comprehensive. I felt that their staff were very personable, and I enjoyed my experience very much.”

David White
Icon Identity Solutions
Shipping & Traffic Manager
Elk Grove Village, Illinois

“Part of the workshop included writing down goals, which gave me tangible items to improve by using the learned skills from the workshop. My experience with the training staff was excellent and professional.”

Scott Kirkland
Exelon Quad Cities Station
Chemistry Supervisor
Cordova, Illinois

“The open discussion between the instructor and the participants regarding personal experiences on time management was the best part of the workshop. The instructor did an outstanding job of presenting. I will be using the tools taught to better manage my time in the future.”

Kent Johnson
Procurement Engineering Supervisor
Exelon Quad Cities Station
Cordova, Illinois

I enjoyed how the instructor did an excellent job conveying and relating the material throughout the (Time Management for Managers) course. I had a similar session about 15 years ago, and this was by far more valuable, especially due to the presentation of the instructor.

Steve Rybicki
Hirsch Associates, LLC
Senior Project Architect
Chicago, Illinois