The Time Management Training Institute offers a variety of Skill Development Seminars that will increase your effectiveness and decrease your time related pressures.

Through our time management skill based seminars participants  learn how to plan their time and organize their time for their personal success.  Checklists and deadlines don't have to be dirty words in your vocabulary! You're not alone in your quest to get organized. You too will learn how to delegate, limit interruptions, and eliminate those piles of clutter on your desktop, reduce your computer to do lists and get more work accomplished each day.

On-site Time Management Training: can be tailored to the needs of your organization and delivered on-site at a time and location of your choice or you can attend one of our open enrollment course (s).

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Participants in our Time Management Training workshop will learn to:

  • How to devote more time to important activities every day
  • How to prevent those daily “fires” from undermining important goals
  • To identify and communicate goals that keep priorities straight
  • How to design an effective To-Do list
  • How to respond to everyday interruptions
  • The art of delegating less important tasks
  • How to consolidate Tasks & Errands
  • How to use Time Blocks to maintain effectiveness
  • How to dispose of most disruptive paper work
  • To balance professional goals and personal time
  • To use time management tools to improve efficiency
  • How to set goals and evaluate them to make sure they have real value
  • How to overcome the temptation of procrastination
  • How to say NO (in a nice way, of course)
  • Identify and arrest time bandits

Seminar Feedback:

"My favorite part of the presentation was how personal the instructor made the class. I was pleasantly surprised at how knowledgeable he was with all of the material, and he really took the time to make sure that everyone felt comfortable with the information that was being given. I felt their staff were excellent and very helpful."

Correll Bilbrew
ITW Galewrap
Market Development Manager
Morrow, Georgia

“My favorite portion of the program was learning to prioritize and set goals. The instructor was excellent, and kept the group engaged. My experience was very professional and great.”

Cantor Steven Hevenstone
Congregation Dor Tamid
Duluth, Georgia


“Your staff and personnel were very helpful and accommodating to my needs. The instructor made the seminar very enjoyable. He got the information across very effectively and helped everyone with their questions and concerns. My experience was great and my expectations met.”

Debra Duggan
IDI, Inc.
Lease Administrator
Atlanta, Georgia

Course: Time Management Training
Location: Atlanta, Georgia

"Your instructor Shelby did an excellent job teaching the class. Her presentation of the material was perfect for all three of us.

Personally I liked the small class size.

What I found most helpful was a bit more 'cut and dry' understanding of how to efficiently and effectively communicate to other personality types. So much of my day is spent communicating with internal and external customers. I have plenty to fill the free time I'll be gaining by communicating more efficiently!

Thank you, and Shelby, for the wonderful experience.

Kim Huff, Account Specialist,
Bosch Rexroth Corp.
Duluth, Georgia


Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed the time management course. Shelby is a fantastic instructor who keeps the course lively and interesting. I enjoyed learning about the different personality types and how this relates to communication inside corporate structure. There were a great number of useful time management tools discussed during our session. I found the "two minute" rule particularly good and have used it extensively since the course. Thank you for a good course."

Jeff Woodruff, Laboratory Specialist
SGL Carbons, LLC
Morgantown, NC

Course: Time Management Training
Location: Atlanta, Georgia

"The staff was great and your instructor Mike Dillingham was very helpful in giving solutions to problems or things we could do to get those problems taken care of."

Tanya Amstutz
Interior Designer
Ivan Allen Workspace
730 Peachtree St.
Atlanta, Georgia 30319

"Taking the time management course did help me to realize I have a very good handle on my time management but I need to more effectively manage others as they pass workflow on to me. I especially enjoyed the analysis of the different personal profiles and being able to understand the way in which these profiles are able to work together or not.

Overall I think the class was well taught and that our instructor really wanted to encourage 100% of class participation. I had a good time and would consider taking another course offered by your organization."

Ericka Wright
Agency Support Supervisor, Marketing
Builders Insurance Group
Atlanta, Georgia 30319

"This class has helped me on organization and procrastination areas I needed to work on more than anything else."

Michael Clendenning
Product Development Engineer
Porex Corporation
500 Bohannon Rd.
Fairburn, Georgia 30265

"The active involvement by the class and the Instructors facilitation was great. Mike was very engaging & entertaining."

Trent Janasiewicz
Interior Designer
Ivan Allen Workspace
730 Peachtree St. Suite 200
Atlanta, Georgia 30308

"Mike was very friendly plus knowledgeable and interactive with others & in his personal examples. This class kept me focused."

Susan Mason
Interior Designer
Ivan Allen Workspace
730 Peachtree Suite 200
Atlanta, Georgia 30308