Every workman has his tools. Plumbers have wrenches. Carpenters have nail guns and saws. Writers have word processors. If you want to be good at what you do, you must have the right tools and you must know how to use them. Well, no matter how what line of work you are in, the first thing you need to know how to use is your time. Did you know there are tools to help you do that?

In our Time Management Training courses, we will help you pick out and learn to use the time management tools that are right for you. Organizers, software, to-do lists and guides “ there are plenty of choices on the market. As we guide you through a process that includes learning how to set priorities, delegating low value tasks, blocking out productive time corridors, and saying NO to unnecessary commitments, we will also help you find the system and the tools that will keep you on track. Having ALL the best tools is the key to doing the job right.

On-site Time Management Training: can be tailored to the needs of your organization and delivered on-site at a time and location of your choice or you can attend one of our open enrollment course (s).

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Participants in our Time Management Training workshop will learn to:

  • How to devote more time to important activities every day
  • How to prevent those daily “fires” from undermining important goals
  • To identify and communicate goals that keep priorities straight
  • How to design an effective To-Do list
  • How to respond to everyday interruptions
  • The art of delegating less important tasks
  • How to consolidate Tasks & Errands
  • How to use Time Blocks to maintain effectiveness
  • How to dispose of most disruptive paper work
  • To balance professional goals and personal time
  • To use time management tools to improve efficiency
  • How to set goals and evaluate them to make sure they have real value
  • How to overcome the temptation of procrastination
  • How to say NO (in a nice way, of course)
  • Identify and arrest time bandits

Seminar Feedback:

Course: Time Management Training

This class really helped me to realize how I work and how I can adapt my own habits to be comfortable working with others who may not work the same way. "

Janae Brooks
Oakland, California  


“What I enjoyed most about the time management program was the fact that our instructor found a way to tailor the training to each of us as individuals. The staff were so helpful and courteous, especially our instructor. He was very energetic and engaging, and he actually made the material come alive. Overall this was such a positive experience.”

Brian Weissman
Cymer, Inc.
Senior SQA Engineer
San Diego, California


“There were several aspects of the program that I enjoyed very much such as the liveliness of the group and instructor, and how our instructor made the subject matter fun and applicable. The material that was presented was excellent and very useful. I was very pleased with the quality of this company, their staff and their (time management) program.”

Ryan Travis
The Bradco Co.
Sales Associate
Victorville, California


“What I enjoyed the most about this program was the interaction between everybody. Our instructor was first rate all the way, in addition to being extremely personable; I also felt that we had enough one on one time to really help me. I can honestly say that this course is worth every dollar.”

Melissa Salazar
World Savings
Loan Representative
North Hollywood, California

Course: Time Management For Managers

“The portions of the program that I enjoyed the most were the self evaluations. Our instructors were great, engaging and had a good sense of humor. The most important part was that I had a good time, while the program maintained an excellent sense of professionalism.”

Dickson Keyser
GNU Group
Director of Design
Lafayette, California


“I really enjoyed the self evaluation tools, the personality profiles and how to work with varying personalities. Our instructor was excellent; he was knowledgeable and had the energy to retain interest throughout the course.”

Howard Curtis
GNU Group
Lafayette, California

Course: Time Management Training
Location: San Francisco, California


“The part I liked most from the class was putting your priorities in perspective. And Mike Dillingham is a very friendly person, speaks clearly and is a very good teacher.”

Dawn Stansfield, Executive Assistant
Apax Partners
2180 Sand Hill Rd., Suite 200
Menlo Park, California 94025


“The portion of the program I liked the most was, going over different situations with the class, and also getting examples of how to make changes.”

David Scafani, Loan Officer
North Coast Mortgage
915 Diablo Ave
Novato, California 94947