No matter what your job description or responsibility may be, time should always be your number one concern. Wasted time is never redeemable. Since “time is money,” wasted time is like throwing money away.

Do you want to start saving money by saving time? We can help you identify priorities, target high value activities, and organize to-do lists. We can also offer you proven strategies to control and even eliminate those annoying distractions that interrupt your busy day. Time management training may not sound glamorous, but it is usually a lifesaver, and sometimes a job saver. Invest a few hours with us, and let’s get started. This is one investment that is absolutely guaranteed to double and triple in value to you, day after day after day.

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Our Time Management courses & seminars are available throughout both the US and Canada

Virtual Online Time Management Training

Consider for a moment what you will do with an extra one, two, or three hours in your day. How much more will you be able to achieve? What things have been on the back burner that you will finally have the time to tackle? Through this action-focused, 3-part online instructor led Time Management training, you will learn to recognize and correct the time management traps that keep you from being the master of your own fate. You will learn powerful and effective time management best practices, while gaining new skills and tactics that enable you to maximize workloads, scheduling, and communications. In this focused, goal-based course, you will finally discover how to counter the interruptions and other time bandits that are standing in your way, as you build time management habits that will last you a lifetime.

Each virtual course consists of three 1.5 hour classes held on the three dates shown (at 10am - 11:30am CST) online, accessible via an internet enabled device.

Maximum 25 participants per class, first come, first serve, register now by choosing the date from the drop down and submitting your payment to reserve your spot. We accept payment by any major credit card, on the payment page scroll down to Pay with Debit or Credit Card. it is a one time fee for all 3 sessions.

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Location Classes Date
Online/Virtual Virtual Time Management Skills March 13th - 20th - 27th
Online/Virtual Virtual Time Management Skills April 10th - 17th - 24th
Online/Virtual Virtual Time Management Skills May 8th - 15th - 22nd
Online/Virtual Virtual Time Management Skills June 5th - 12th - 19th
Online/Virtual Virtual Time Management Skills July 10th - 17th - 24th
Online/Virtual Virtual Time Management Skills August 7th - 14th - 21st
Online/Virtual Virtual Time Management Skills Sept. 11th - 18th - 25th
Online/Virtual Virtual Time Management Skills Oct. 9th - 16th - 23rd
Online/Virtual Virtual Time Management Skills Oct 30th - Nov 6th - 13th
Online/Virtual Virtual Time Management Skills Dec 4th - 11th - 18th

What is Virtual Time Management Training?

Enjoy the benefits of our private classroom training from a distance! You can now enjoy our award winning instructor led training remotely, from your home, office or any other Internet enabled location. Register online, then simply log in 5 minutes before the scheduled start to take your virtual seat. The instructor will guide you through the first 1.5 hour interactve module. You will have opportunities to ask questions and perform activities to boost your time management skills. Modules 2 and 3 are held a week apart, on the same day, at the same time as per the above schedule. If this schedule is inconvenient for you please contact us to arrange private virtual training for your group at the time of your choice.

Participants in our Time Management Training workshops will learn:

  • How to divert more time to important activities every day
  • How to prevent those daily “fires” from undermining important goals
  • To identify and communicate goals that keep priorities straight
  • How to design an effective To-Do list
  • How to respond to everyday interruptions
  • The art of delegating less important tasks
  • How to consolidate Tasks & Errands
  • How to use Time Blocks to maintain effectiveness
  • How to dispose of most disruptive paper work
  • To balance professional goals and personal time
  • To use time management tools to improve efficiency
  • How to set goals and evaluate them to make sure they have real value
  • How to overcome the temptation of procrastination
  • How to say NO (in a nice way, of course)
  • Identify and arrest time bandits
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