Time Management Course

Time Management Course

Considering the speed at which business moves these days, one thing is certain: if you can’t manage your time effectively, you will have a hard time managing anything else. Yet, most people waste precious minutes, hours, even days, reacting to what is going on around them rather than developing skills that will keep them moving forward and accomplishing their most important goals.

Our one-day Basics of Time Management Course is your antidote to the “chasing-your-tail-blues.” This highly interactive and enjoyable course will help you understand where all your time is going and why. You will learn how to eliminate interruptions and delegate low-priority tasks to others. Best of all, you will learn how to recognize and protect your high-value tasks and make sure they are done well and on time. more...

Our instructor Kristin was very knowledgable and quite efficient in using her time to take us through the time management course. She taught effectively and made it very enjoyable, and I expect to be utilizing many time-managing techniques in my work and personal life.  

Katie Barckholtz
Project Manager
Houston, Texas

Time Management Class