Get Results with Time Management Courses: Who's In Charge of Your Day - You or Your To-Do List?

Get Results with Time Management Courses Who's In Charge of Your Day - You or Your To-Do List?

Learning the Art of Task Triage

“I’ll never get all of this done! I don’t even know where to start!” Have you ever uttered these words? Do you feel like you’ve lost control of your day, your desk and even your mind?

Donna was officially part of the Management Team as of today. She looked around her new office, sat back in her chair and let out a big sigh of pride. “I’ve finally made it!” she told herself.

Just then Jean, the office manager, walked in and reality came in with her. “Just letting you know the receptionist called in sick and the overnight package you’ve been waiting on�well, I just put a tracer on it.” Donna heard a ping as an e-mail popped up to remind her of the Managers’ Meeting that afternoon. With a sullen glance at her bulging in-basket, Donna felt her pulse rising, her mind spinning and a sudden urge to run out into the parking lot screaming. This will be a very long day!

Never fear, Office ER is here.

With the implementation of the following four steps you are introduced to Task Triage, the solution to put you back in charge. It condenses the essence of the best time management courses.

1. Clarify your Primary Function: What is it that only you can do? This statement is now your guide to clarifying who and what deserves your greatest attention. Write it as a simple and succinct statement that states your purpose. Such as: I create sales opportunities by timely exploring all leads with an attitude which demonstrates my conviction to servicing each account as though they are the most important account I have. This is now your mantra. Be sure to display it in a place where you will see it and say it daily.

2. List the Tasks that Compete for Your Immediate Attention: This is not your entire “To-Do-List”. It is your, “I’ve got to get this done now” list. By putting your list in black and white you release your mind to concentrate on one item at a time, rather than clouding it with lists of things-to-do.

3. Compare each Task to your Overriding Purpose: Ask yourself, “Which item will help me achieve my chief responsibility most? Which will give me the highest payoff? Which will contribute most to accomplishing my primary function?”

4. Now Attack. One at a Time: By taking the few minutes to Task Triage� , you are no longer creating Concentration Chaos. Your direction is clear and so is your mind. As soon as you complete a task, begin asking yourself the questions again. By doing so, you’ll determine what will be the next item you’ll soon be crossing off your list!

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