Get Results with Time Management Courses: The Secret to Achieving Maximum Productivity

Get Results with Time Management Courses The Secret to Achieving Maximum Productivity

Many people struggle with trying to balance work, family and other obligations. Have you ever secretly wished that there could be more hours in the day! We all have the same twenty four hours. How is it that some persons get more done in that period of time than most people might in a whole week? Some people do more work than five others, without a sense or overload and overwhelm. Two employees in the same department work side-by-side, but one is five times as productive. How does she achieve this?

The answer is actually quite simple: When you work, work smart and hard. Dive in. Work quickly. Be productive. Be serious. Allow no distractions, interruptions or wastes of your time. Make a prioritized list of activities and methodically pursue each until completed before moving on to the next one.

Many people approach their workday in just the opposite manner. They sluggishly arise from bed after four or five slumber resets of their alarm clock. They go through their routine with little direction. They are on auto-pilot. They eat pastry and coffee if anything at all and step into their car to transport them to work. They listen to Howard Stern or some want to-be on the way and arrive at work feeling brain dead.

After visiting with other employees for a while and refilling their coffee cups, they settle into their workspace, waiting for whatever the day presents to them. They are always aware of the time. They take numerous restroom and smoke breaks anxiously awaiting their lunch break. They head to the local fast food joint, shove down a burger and fries, using every minute of their lunch hour and then slowly return to the office. The same morning routine re-initiates for the afternoon and they anxiously await the five o'clock hour. They go home, grab a snack, sit back in their chair and proclaim that they had a hectic, tiring day and are now in need of dinner and rest as they fall off to sleep in their Lazy-Boy. Sound familiar? Does that describe your typical day? How does that summary make you feel?

Are you ready for a change? Examine this alternative itinerary from our time management courses:

1. Get the proper amount of restful sleep. Arise promptly and expect a great day!

2. Take a minute to review your goals and plans for the day.

3. Take time to stretch and do a few exercises. It will get your blood flowing.

4. Have a great breakfast, preferably with your family. Try eating two slices of whole wheat toast with Smart Balance margarine, two slices of hot turkey bacon (microwave), 3oz orange juice and a glass of Silk enhanced soy milk. That will energize your morning!

5. Listen to a motivating audio program, a great book or inspiring music on the commute to work.

6. Arrive twenty minutes early. Get your coffee. Make a prioritized "to-list" for the day.

7. Schedule returned calls early, then put the phone in voice mail mode.

8. Close your door and get busy on your list. Allow no interruptions.

9. Work diligently and quickly. Stay organized. Make quick, confident and competent decisions.

10. Check messages before lunch. Return important calls and delegate lesser tasks.

11. Eat a good lunch. Load up on complex carbs, baked chicken or fish. Drink water. No alcohol.

12. Schedule your afternoon like the morning. Work smart. Be diligent.

13. Do not allow other employees to get you off track. Stay focused on your tasks.

14. Have a mid-afternoon power-snack. An apple or orange is a great choice.

15. At the end of the workday, write a new prioritized list for the next day. Make certain that your desk, files and computer are properly organized for a productive next day.

16. Leave. Mentally leave the remaining work there until tomorrow.

17. Relax. Have a light dinner with your family and re-charge and reward yourself by plugging-in to an activity that you enjoy. Get lost in it. Enjoy some exercise by walking, running or simply participating in a sport that you enjoy. The main idea is to un-plug from work-mode and plug-into play mode. Play hard.

18. Get to bed at a reasonable hour, assuring you of the rest and quality sleep you need. TIVO any programs that you must see and watch them on the weekend.

Try this new itinerary for 1 week. You will soon be amazed at how much more productive and healthy you will feel and be. Your boss and other superiors will take notice as well. You will be positioned for vastly increased earnings, promotion and the recognition you now deserve. This new scenario begins with a change in attitude. Simply decide to do things differently and take action. Learn from others who have already made such decisions, duplicate their actions and enjoy the same results and benefits. It will work for you too!

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