Get Results with Time Management Courses: The Best Excuses To Not Use The Time Of Your Life

Get Results with Time Management Courses The Best Excuses To Not Use The Time Of Your Life

"Time is on my side, yes, it is!" Each time I think of time, Mike Jagger's melody enters my mind... For me it is a song, for another a tragedy. What is time, that it consumes so many of us? How much of it we have, how little, what to do with it, how to conjugate it? The following "human reasons" are offered as the clever and humorous making of our mind time machine...

1. I don't have any!

Time is generally viewed as a measurable device. We are saving it, spending it, clocking it, wasting it, investing it! Time is money! Some of us experience lack, some abundance: If we just had money, we could buy ourselves time... If I just had time, I could make more money... I once read an unforgettable fortune cookie: "it is not as important to count time, as it is to make time count." Choose a moment today to use and utilize fully!

2. My time or yours?

This one concerns the overly committed, who is serving on so many committees, and helping so many friends, she has no time to take care of herself adequately. Time to learn to say "no" to others, and "yes" to my goals. Today pick an occasion to say a simple "no, thank you" and do something in that time you had never done before!

3. I was born that way!

"As long as I recall, I have always been late." Is being late a statement you enjoy making? Or are you late because you attempt to do too much at a time, and try to prove your worth by scheduling more in a span of time that it can possibly contain? Today do whatever it takes to arrive 10 minutes early to a meeting, and experience the expansion of your momentum...

4. I am not ready!

There have been times where I have used destiny and Ecclesiastes' saying (For everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven,) as a reason to not change. "My time hadn't come," I would say! The sobering thought about waiting for the perfect time or procrastinating is that tomorrow might never come. To add to the dilemma, "I'm not ready" may become "it's too late!" Take action today on something you were not "ready" to do, dive, and watch your creative power soar!

5. I'm in a hurry!

This one is also about control, but in the other direction... The motion of life is oscillating, spiraling rather than straight and linear. Today, stop pushing the river: allow a certain amount of meandering time in which to do nothing. As you develop a habit for that, watch events that you could never make happen occur spontaneously! It's all in the rhythm, man, all in the curve!

6. I have no patience!

The gardener does not watch every single second to see if his tomatoes have grown, nor does the expecting mother ask her baby to be born before term! The mystery of creation and creativity demands that one respects nature's timing. From the perspective of allowing, how long it takes is irrelevant! Life, like art, takes what it takes, and as long as it will take. Today become pregnant with something: a book you will once birth, a decluttering project, a fitness goal...

7. I'm too busy!

Sidney J. Harris said it beautifully: "Indeed, the time to relax is when you don't have time for it."

Are you hiding behind your busyness? Are you afraid to find out that you don't know what to do with yourself if you were to stop? Is the fear of emptiness making you fill time? Today do something fulfilling: go see some great art, really taste your food, talk to a stranger as if he were a friend...

8. I didn't do it!

Most teenagers cannot wait to be older, and most middle age people regret losing their youth.

Then there is the viewpoint of time being too long when in pain, too short when in joy, too slow when bored, too fast when passionate... Byron Katie wrote: "there is no beginning of time, only beginning of thought." Experience it for yourself: right now, remember a very happy event in your life. Got it? Next, right now, imagine what you might be 10 years from now... Would you then agree that the past and the future only exist from the decision you made in this moment to bring them to your consciousness?

9. This is Miller time

I love it: there is sunrise, sunset, and Miller time! Isn't it correct that you find time for what you want to do, and love to do, be it drinking a beer, exercising, writing, or socializing? So if you cannot find time to clean house for example, would it be appropriate to say that you did not choose to make time? Ask yourself today what is the real reason behind not finding time for time management classes. Begin to change your ritual today to align with your conscious decision.

10. I don't NOW

A client once asked me how I could accomplish so much in so little time. Before I could say anything, my heart answered: "Simple, I stay in the moment!" The spontaneity of this revelation transformed both of us. As long as I listen to my heart, my mind and my soul, and do what I am told to do, I find that there is time for everything, which makes for a life well-lived. The feeling is magical, time stands still, and eternity embraces one with the kiss of an ardent lover. Just being here and now, which is also hear and know, is all... That is a magnificent gift, appropriately termed "the present!"

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