Get Results with Time Management Courses: Internetus Maximus: Five Ways To Boost Productivity Using The Web

Get Results with Time Management Courses Internetus Maximus: Five Ways To Boost Productivity Using The Web

Since information is your bread and butter, you know that keeping up is critical.
However, with so much data coming at us, it can be difficult to separate the wheat
from the chaff. Following are five ways to use the Web to keep current and boost
your productivity.

1. Subscribe To News Alerts: Take advantage of the news feeds provided by Yahoo!,
Google and other major Web portals to have relevant news and information
shipped directly to your e-mail inbox. You may have to tweak the search terms a
little to ensure that you are not flooded with irrelevant information. However, this is
a great way to keep up with the news of the day.

2. Read Blogs By Industry Experts: If you pick the right ones, blogs can be a great
way to keep up with the latest in your field. In fact, new information sometimes
appears on a blog first. To stay ahead of the curve, you have to read blogs.

3. Use RSS: RSS or Real Simple Syndication is a wonderful time-saver. You can use
RSS to keep up with new postings on your favorite blogs, the latest news or
whatever else strikes your fancy.

4. Use Search Engines Intelligently: At least twice a day, I wonder how I'd survive
without search engines. If used intelligently, they can greatly boost your
productivity. Want to find out whether someone is really an expert in the field?
Type their name in a search directory and see what pops up. Want a great piece of
clip art for your latest PowerPoint presentation? Use Yahoo! or Google's image

5. Don't Make A Habit Of It: The Web is a great tool for information gathering.
However, if you find yourself wandering aimlessly along the highways and byways of
the Internet, stop. All time management courses warn you to ration your non work-related time on the Web to increase your efficiency and make your boss happy.

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